A little bit about me…

Hi There! I figured we would kick this thing off with an introduction so that you can get a picture of the person behind The Southern Magonolia Blog. My name is Anna and I’m a twenty-something living in the peach state with my husband. I have a bachelors degree in biology and in nursing and spent several years working in healthcare (specializing in Cardiology)  before stepping away to travel with my husband.

My husband is a professional bass fisherman and spends a lot of time on the road traveling around the country for his tournaments. I have been traveling with him the past couple of seasons and am enjoying every minute of it. I started a handmade jewelry business as a hobby when I first left my job (website: http://www.shopimmeasurablymore.com). It has provided me with a creative outlet while we are on the road. I have a love for eating healthy with the occasional splurge and constantly trying new recipes. What started out as a love/hate relationship with the gym slowly developed into a passion. Through working out I have not only grown stronger but have learned I am capable of more than I thought possible.  I was looking for another outlet to express some of my other passions such as cooking, working out, and living a healthy lifestyle and The Southern Magnolia was born.

A picture from our wedding day, and yes, fishing was involved


The newest addition to the family, Piper, our Airedale Terrier